Why I’m Running

Hello. These are challenging and quickly changing times and we need to be agile to adjust, pivot and respond in a Monrovia way. I am running for Monrovia City Council to do just that for the People of Monrovia so we can keep our community moving forward. I will put my experience and results to work for Monrovia to create a better future by focusing on:

A Safe Community - build on Monrovia’s successful community policing model, ensure we have safe streets and neighborhoods, promote food access, and additional programs for youth to find pathways for success.

A Healthy Community – ensure we have access to mental health resources, clean air, clean reliable water, and a healthy tree canopy; address climate change locally; and support our parks, open space, and high-quality community programs for all.

A Prosperous Community – create affordable housing, recruit new businesses that bring high-quality jobs, support our existing small and large businesses, collaborate with our school district to make improvements, keep a balanced budget, and bring in new federal and state money to Monrovia to make this happen!

Growing up in Monrovia I’ve seen the great progress our town has made in the past years. I am grateful for all that has been done. But there is more to do. I am an honest, hard-working person to do that work.



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