Monrovia Mayor Becky Shevlin

Monrovia Mayor Pro Tem Larry J. Spicer

Monrovia City Council Member Gloria Crudgington

Monrovia City Council Member Dr. Tamala Kelly

Monrovia City Treasurer Janet Wall

Monrovia Unified School Board Member Maritza Travanti

Monrovia Unified School Board Member Traci Gholar

Monrovia Unified School Board Member Selene Lockerbie

Monrovia Library Board President Mark Harvis

Monrovia Planning Commissioner Bill Shieff

Monrovia Planning Commissioner Scott Austin

Monrovia Community Services Commission Chair Gio Leos

Monrovia Community Services Commissioner Scott Iler

Monrovia Community Services Commissioner Genia Mills

Monrovia Community Services Commissioner Fernando Villegas

Donna Baker

Jack Taylor

Zak Johnson

Barbara Gholar

Hal Leavens

Jayson Young

Kate Young

Melissa Taylor

Kurt and Sonia Luginbuhl

Kyle and Kristen McClure

Kristin Ritzau

Jason Willoughby

Brian Tindall

Rebecca Takahashi

Gayle Montgomery

Edie Ramirez

Kim Cook (Montgomery)

Mag Gutierrez

Deborah Curlanis

Jacey Weathersby

Shannon Welch

Audra, Pattie and Tellez Family

Shavaun Gonsior (McCown)

Tiffiny Walls-Fox

Linda Valerio Betancourt

And many other individuals and business owners



Add your name by going to the volunteer section of the page. 

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